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Rappel Safety Harnesses with Safety Lanyards
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Rappel Safety Harnesses with Safety Lanyards

Polyester webbing fall arrest harness with integrated lanyard for working at heights, suitable for working on elevated work platforms, construction and general maintenance. Tongchuang Huacan's fall protection equipment and services provide value-added functions and advantages for users who specify, choose and use our products. While safety at heights is our ultimate goal, improving worker comfort, trust and productivity.
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  • TC-013


safety design performance

Full body harness for fall fishing, positioning, travel restraint, suspension and rescue applications. When supported by the back attachment during fall, our full body harness is designed to support the load around the user and thighs through the shoulder straps. After a single fall, our full body harness will support the user and fall at an angle of 30° to vertical.

Main product features:

1.EASY TO USE: This harness is specifically designed to be put on easily and quickly, simplifying the process of quick gearing for the user.

2.FULLY ADJUSTABLE: This safety harness features a fully adjustable design for a snug and custom fit that accommodates a variety of body shapes and sizes.

3.Dual Attachment Points: The security harness features front and rear attachment buckles, providing enhanced stability and adaptability in different security scenarios.

4.Optimum Comfort: Designed with user comfort in mind, the safety harness is designed to be extremely comfortable and can be easily moved without compromising safety.

5.Unique color scheme: The bright blue and red combination not only adds a sense of style, but also serves as a practical visual aid to help users wear the seat belt correctly.

6.HIGH LOAD CAPACITY: With a maximum user load capacity of 100kg, the safety harness is designed to support a wide range of users while maintaining the best safety standards.

7.Compliant with standards: The safety wiring harness complies with EN 361 standards, ensuring the highest safety requirements are met. Users can rely on its quality and reliability to meet their security needs.

Product parameter:



Product name:

Full safety harness

Ribbon material

high tenacity polyester

Accessories material

Alloy steel





Ribbon width(CM)


Scope of application

High altitude work, construction protection, power, rescue

Product details:

Rappel Safety Harnesses with Safety Lanyards

Alloy steel buckle

High toughness, the more stressed the tighter, the length can be arbitrarily adjusted,It's stronger andpreventsit from falling off.

Rappel Safety Harnesses with Safety Lanyards

Idle ring

The hanging point as important load-bearing parts will greatly improve safety.

Rappel Safety Harnesses with Safety Lanyards

Sewing process

The use of electronic sewing machine, sewing waveform stitches, strong impact resistance, beautiful and strong.

Rappel Safety Harnesses with Safety Lanyards

Upgraded polyester webbing

High-strength polyester weaving, thickened and widened webbing, strong impact resistance, comfortable wear resistance and strong bearing capacity

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