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Positioning Fall Protection Safety Harness
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Positioning Fall Protection Safety Harness

This full body structural harness is the perfect safety harness for construction and roof work, designed with advanced fall arrest gear, CE and LA compliant. We offer unmatched harness fall protection, and you can be confident in features like alloy steel side D-rings, breakaway lanyard buckles, and quick-connect chest buckles. You won't find better fall arrest system gear anywhere!
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  • TC-053


We're so confident it's one of the best on the market, whether you're using it as a building security harness or landscape security equipment, rest assured you're making the right choice.

Product parameter:



Product name:

Full safety harness

Ribbon material

high tenacity polyester

Accessories material

Alloy steel





Ribbon width(CM)


Scope of application

High altitude work, construction protection, power, rescue

Product details:

Positioning Fall Protection Safety Harness

Quick Plug

Alloy steel material, The quick buckle design is not only stronger, but also has a load-bearing capacity of 1800KG; it is convenient and fast, saving time and effort. The staff can quickly complete dressing and improve efficiency

Positioning Fall Protection Safety Harness

High-strength load-bearing ring

The hanging point as important load-bearing parts will greatly improve safety.

Positioning Fall Protection Safety Harness

Soft and Breathable Lumbar Pad

The thickened cushion can evenly share the force on the waist, relieve the fatigue of wearing for a long time, and make it more comfortable to use

Positioning Fall Protection Safety Harness

High Tenacity Polyester Webbing

The polyester braided seat belt has good load-bearing strength and toughness, and is safe to use.

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