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Coated Ergonomic Full Body Safety Harness for Emergency
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Coated Ergonomic Full Body Safety Harness for Emergency

The harness has a restraint that prevents the wearer from falling from a height. The risk of injury from falls can be greatly reduced by wearing a safety harness. It allows users to secure themselves to a stationary object, ensuring that they do not hit the ground in the event of a possible fall. Falling from heights is one of the most common causes of workplace injuries, so it's important to ensure you're properly equipped when working at heights.
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  • TC-210



These positioning harnesses have a D-ring on the upper back, and a body strap. D-rings and a waist belt attach to a positioning and restraint lanyard to help the wearer maintain proper posture around their worksite when working at heights. This frees the wearer's hands to work and reduces the energy required to stay in place while working. The D-ring on the upper back attaches to a self-retracting lifeline or shock-absorbing lanyard that attaches to a safety anchor. These harnesses are commonly used in construction applications such as foundation construction and rebar work.


UPGRADE ACCESSORIES: Our 4-point adjustable full body harness is the international version, signed to the highest standards in the world. It adds many safe and practical accessories: this harness has up to 4 adjustment points; shoulder load-bearing loops allow you to enhance suspension protection in tight spaces; durable side D-rings on the waist of the harness for work positioning and Store more spare hooks!

SAFETY STANDARDS: This full body construction harness is the perfect roof harness specifically engineered to provide premier fall protection. We meet and exceed the requirements set forth in the ANSI/ASSE Z359.11-2014 standard and exceed expectations. This complete anti-fall package includes a 2-meter safety lanyard and is also compatible with other types of lanyards. We offer unparalleled Safety Safety Safety Safety Safety Safety Safety Safety is our top priority!

LIGHTWEIGHT COMFORT: Ergonomically designed, our new patented lumbar padding is upgraded with thick premium breathable mesh plush padding to minimize muscle fatigue. Increased air flow provides faster cooling and drying, providing extra comfort around the waist. Constructed with extra-wide support straps and premium plush padding for primary support, soothing comfort and lateral movement. TRSMIMA safety harnesses will never let you down!

RELIABLE AND DURABLE: Our harnesses are made of 100% premium high-strength industrial synthetic fiber with excellent wear and heat resistance. We promise that all stitching of the webbing will be intact after tear testing at different angles under a force of 25 KN! Our four-point full body harness is designed to fit both men and women. Waist: 78-143 cm (30.7" - 55.3") Leg size: 54-97 cm (21.2" - 38"), suitable for weights 130-350 lbs (59 to 159 kg)

OSHA Compliant – TRSMIMA ensures the safety and well-being of workers by setting standards and providing training, outreach, education and assistance. Suitable for construction, demolition, rock climbing, hunting, roofing, emergency, first aid, landscaping, security, etc.

Product parameters



Product name:

Full body safety harness

Ribbon material

high tenacity polyester

Accessories material

Alloy steel


Safety harness(blue)/rope(white)



Ribbon width(CM)


Scope of application

High altitude work, construction protection, power, rescue

product details

Coated Ergonomic Full Body Safety Harness for Emergency

Alloy steel adjustment buckle

Finished stamping fasteners, no welding, no barbs, no cutting of webbing, high tensile force.

Coated Ergonomic Full Body Safety Harness for Emergency

back load ring

Rear safety line attachment point for attaching belay lines

Coated Ergonomic Full Body Safety Harness for Emergency

Safety Harness Lanyard

Fall Arrest Lanyard The inner lanyard is specifically designed to help reduce tripping or entrapment hazards with nearby machinery found on many industrial and construction sites today.

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