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Building Construction Safety Harness
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Building Construction Safety Harness

Our mission is to provide full coverage to all your fall protection needs! That means bringing together diverse products for the situations that you may encounter while working at heights
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Our eyes are set on those Fall Protection solutions that will make your job easier and more productive while keeping you protected to the maximum degree.

This Safety Harness is an entry-level safety harness designed from the ground up to provide the most features at the best possible price and variety of options to meet your needs.

Product parameter:



Product name:

Full safety harness

Ribbon material

High tenacity polyester

Accessories material

Alloy steel





Ribbon width(CM)


Scope of application

Suitable for electrical construction protection work

Product details:

Building Construction Safety Harness

Reliable and Durable

We offer durable fall protection gear to keep you safe from injury.

Building Construction Safety Harness

Compliance with safety standards

Metal components: D-ring alloy steel, other components: alloy steel | Compliance: CE-EN361 certification

Building Construction Safety Harness

why choose it

A must for safe and fully compliant work on harbors, highways, government buildings, military installations, residential and commercial buildings, roofs.

Building Construction Safety Harness

easy adjustment

Drop resistant body guard with 5 easily accessible adjustment points ensures a comfortable fit for a variety of body shapes. Back D-ring for fall, quick-attach chest

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