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4 Point Harness Construction Safety Harness
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4 Point Harness Construction Safety Harness

One harness fits many occupations, our harness is perfect for any occupation that requires CE and LA compliance, great for construction, surveying, rescue site inspections and more. Our products will always provide the safest guarantee for any work environment!
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  • TC-007


Safety harness help you work safely in industrial and rescue situations. Designed for maximum comfort and protection, these belts help you stay safe in high-risk situations, such as working on scaffolding or near dangerous machinery.

Main features:

1.Leg-Chest Adjustment Buckle: Simplifies harness application, providing a quick and efficient user experience.

2.Rear Steel Attachment Points: Ensures strong and evenly distributed anchoring.

3.Abdominal Attachment Points: Enhances stability and security.

4.Compliant with EN 361 CE: Meets strict safety standards.

5.Made in EU: Guaranteed quality and compliance with European manufacturing standards.

Product parameter:



Product name:

Full safety harness

Ribbon material

high tenacity polyester

Accessories material

Alloy steel





Ribbon width(CM)


Scope of application

High altitude work, construction protection, power, rescue

Product details:

4 Point Harness Construction Safety Harness

Alloy steel hook

Advanced heat treatment technology, forged steel integrated molding, product surface smooth and burr-free.

4 Point Harness Construction Safety Harness

back load ring

High tensile force, good firmness, and the rear load-bearing ring has a high bearing capacity and can evenly distribute the weight when stressed

4 Point Harness Construction Safety Harness

precision sewing

The sewing process is sewn by imported sewing machine, the thread is fine and dense, the needle space is small, the density is high, the tension is strong, and the firmness is good

4 Point Harness Construction Safety Harness

Quick plug

In theprocess of use,it is convenient and quick to connect ,easy to wear and remove,andthe adjustable buckle.

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