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Rock Climbing Electrician Safety Harness
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Rock Climbing Electrician Safety Harness

You need a strong safety harness
Studies have found that when falling people accidentally land, most of them land in the lying or prone position, and at the same time, the maximum impact force that the abdomen (waist) can bear is relatively large compared with the whole body. This hasbecomean important basis for the use of safety belts, which can make operators work safely in high places,and can effectivelyavoidfalling to the human body in case of accidents.
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The accessories are forged with alloy steel, which has the characteristics of strong wear resistance, strong tensile force, and not easy to rust.

Our advantages:

1. For working at heights.

2. The accessories are made of alloy steel, which is strong, not easy to rust, and has strong pulling force.

3. The webbing is woven from high-strength polyester material.

4. Products have CE, LA and other certifications.

5. We use a professional tensile machine to test the sample quality of the product.

Product parameter:



Product name:

Pole Safety Harness

Ribbon material

high tenacity polyester

Accessories material

Alloy steel





Ribbon width(CM)


Scope of application

High altitude work, construction protection, power, rescue

Product details:

Rock Climbing Electrician Safety Harness

Quick Plug

In the process of use, it is convenient and quick to connect, easy to wear and remove, and the adjustable buckle.

Rock Climbing Electrician Safety Harness

Sewing Process

The use of electronic sewing machine,sewing waveform stitches, strong impact resistance, beautiful and strong.

Rock Climbing Electrician Safety Harness


The tool bag is made of canvas, which can hold the tools you use when working at heights for your convenience.

Rock Climbing Electrician Safety Harness

Snap hook

The hook is made of alloy steel, not easy to rust, strong bearing capacity, and effectively protect your safety.

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